I bet one of the questions on your mind right now is, “What kind of a name is hllf?” It’s a good question. Hllf is, of course, a nickname. And it is an acronym, meaning it stands for something. But what that could be, I’ll leave it to all of you to figure out.


I set up this website as a place for me to write about, well, pretty much whatever I want and think is interesting.  So who am I?  Well, I am in my 30s, male, and live in the Los Angeles area.  I have both a technical and business background, and I like to follow politics and current events, as well as the latest techno gadgets. I am also a pretty avid reader, so don’t be surprised to see my thoughts on books from time to time.


I welcome thoughts and comments, so feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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